About Roy Jenkins



I was born in Langley in the Black Country in 1942, I lived with my parents and siblings until I was eighteen then left home. I had a strong upbringing through my mother and grandparents and uncles. I still retain the same philosophy taught to me and I have strong beliefs that your children come first. I lived in Italy for some time then returned to England and have lived in Cannock since 1990.
I have been fighting fraud, corruption, perjury, money laundering and the use of false dual shipping invoices for many years, what I hadn't understood and didn't want to believe was the depth of corruption within government authorities, this I will show in documentation form.
I feel strongly that our history is dying because of political correctness, I feel strongly about the Iraq war which I believe was based on lies. My uncle was on the Burma railroad for three years and when he was repatriated he lived in the garden shed for two years because that was what he had become used to. I have had family members killed or wounded  in war, yet I still see these lying politicians sending soldiers etc to war without a bloody care because they are not their own children. Why were dead and injured soldiers flown in by night so the media couldn't see them and whose spin was this?
Blair and his cronies have done what he set out to do and that was to destroy England, which he has accomplished with a vengeance, Blair condones fraud and corruption as will be shown in documents I will be using.
I feel strongly about family life, I resent the fact that politicians and the media lump all children as the same, it is a minority that causes problems and politicians that allow it. I feel strongly about immigration and false asylum seekers and the outright lies we are told to cover this up by T. Blair and his cronies. I feel strongly that our children have to pay for University fees but outsiders and Scottish children don't. I resent the fact that cancer victims have to beg for tablets and treatment along with many other groups while hundreds of millions of pounds are set aside to pay pensions for the likes of Blair and co.
I resent the fact that Council leaders can close old peoples homes, special schools etc for the alleged lack of funding and can then give themselves a 10.4% rise in wages and pensions, as was recently done by Chief Executive S. Brown of Cannock Chase Council.
I believe that something can be done about the mess that we have been put in by Blair but it is no good just moaning about it you have to get up and do something. Unfortunately it will be your children and grandchildren that will suffer when you find out just what Blair has given away of their futures. Be warned and be afraid.
It is up to you and me. Lets start now and make a difference for our children and grandchildren.
Roy Jenkins. Justice Will Out.